Brush Country Studios SA

    Brush Country Studios SA 

The Beauty of the Beast! 

Brush Country Studios SA  Game Ranch
continues Nyala game breeding,
Golden Gnu game breeding 
wildlife conservation
 in the beautiful

Waterberg Mountains

Nyala & Golden Wildebeest Game Breeding

Dian Cooper is passionate about her love 

for all animals. Her first trip to Africa 

introduced her to a new world of love 

and compassion for the country, the people, 

and its wildlife. Her love for the African game 

continues on her game reserve in South Africa 

where she cares for numerous African species. 

Her beloved giraffes are the inspiration for her books - specifically "Blessing". 

To those who wants to know her best, she believes that loving others unconditionally is what we all should strive to do in this imperfect world.

Dian Cooper 2022 ~ Author ~ Illustrator ~ Artist ~ Wildlife Conservationist